Friday, November 18, 2022

What Is Motivation?

I've been thinking about motivation and where it comes from and how we lose it. Motivation is a word that is used throughout our lives to describe everything from mundane to meaningful events. To sum it up, motivation is the reason someone does a thing. What I've been contemplating are the reasons people lose their motivation and how they can get it back.

Looking at motivation from a philosophical point of view, I've even wondered if I could sum up depression and suicide ideation as someone losing their motivation to live. Often when someone suffers from clinical depression, one symptom is they no longer take interest in things that used to make them happy (activities, hobbies, spending time with friends, and so forth) and I think you could even say they have lost their motivation to enjoy life and simply give up. Please let me know in the comments if you disagree with this. And if anyone reading this is dealing with thoughts of suicide, please call 911 or your local suicide hotline for help. The National Suicide Hotline is now 988 and you can call that number for help.

We often describe lazy people as having no motivation. The definition of lazy is "unwilling to work or use energy." It takes energy to be motivated, but where does that energy come from? If we could all tap into an unlimited source of energy would we find greater motivation to succeed or are a lack of energy and a lack of motivation actually two different things? For instance, could a person actually have the energy to succeed, but simply not the motivation therefore they choose not to succeed? 

If everyone has the energy to succeed what is the difference that triggers motivation and causes some to push past their peers and become "highly successful" while others are content to just stay where they are?

Why are some people highly driven towards success and others aren't? Is there something that can increase motivation in those who have little or wish they had more?

Many philosophers, psychologists, and spiritual people have pondered the varied theories regarding motivation and its origins, but today, we will keep things simple. 

As I look over my own life and think about what has motivated me, it was always based on something my heart wanted. For example, when I was younger I used to smoke cigarettes. I had very little motivation to quit, even though there were plenty of logical reasons that made it a good idea. It wasn't until I became pregnant and wanted a healthy baby that I found the motivation to quit.

My health wasn't enough motivation to quit but the health of my unborn baby gave me the drive to quit. This prompted me to reflect upon motivation, will, determination, and drive. It seems the underlying source or willpower to succeed at anything first comes from the mind/heart connection and what you want.

Unfortunately, not everyone is motivated in life to make positive changes. Some people have wrong motives therefore they are motivated to do wrong things. For example, criminals may not have the energy to go out and get a job, work hard throughout their life, be content with their wages, and just live a happy and simple life.

They may have selfish motives and instead of working hard for a good, comfortable, yet simple life, they are motivated to steal, launder money, manipulate or take advantage of others in order to satisfy their own selfish desires.

Let's take a drug addict for example and their "motivation." Many addicts can not maintain a "normal" lifestyle of working hard, saving money, and renting or buying a home. They may have extreme difficulty paying a mobile phone bill from one month to the next. But if they need to get $200 a day to support a habit (or more) they will find the will, the desire, the determination, and the motivation to do whatever it takes to get their next fix.

Is there a way to use the power of your mind to shift or reshape your motivation? Could a person become a high achiever simply by using their mind to retrain their motives and then find the motivation to succeed in a positive manner?

I believe the answer is an emphatic YES!

I also think it is VERY IMPORTANT that every one of us pays close attention to our motives, our desires, our goals, and what we want.

Can the answers to many of humanity's problems be found simply by examining our motivations or motives in life? 

I believe so.

Can we change our behaviors and live better, healthier, and more fulfilling lives simply by examining our motives in life?

Again, I believe so.

Let's begin with a baseline, shall we?

Let's start with the premise that you are on this planet to live a good life. You are not here to suffer, to be in pain, to live in sorrow, lack, poverty, or despair. 

It may seem as if all should easily understand this, but it isn't an easy concept for everyone to grasp. Different cultures, faiths, and generational behaviors have instilled the belief in many that we are on this planet to suffer and then gain some sort of prize in the afterlife. 

As a psychic medium who communes with those who have crossed the veil, I do not believe this is correct.

We are to live our lives on this planet in love and harmony with Spirit, ourselves, each other, animals, and nature. We are to take care of this earth and its creatures and ensure that we leave this plane better than we found it. 

If you have questions about your purpose on this planet, please subscribe and continue following this blog as you will find many discussions on the subject.

No matter what you may believe about yourself right now, I PROMISE you have a purpose. Your purpose is outside of yourself and it is greater than you alone. You are here FOR A PURPOSE and other people are depending on you to make the right choices. Even if you feel alone, I PROMISE YOU that you are connected to others. No matter how alone or isolated you may feel, no one is ever truly alone — not even you! 

I believe that above all else, everyone should have the underlying assurance and what I would call the "motivational seed" that everyone is here for a reason. Everyone has a purpose and everyone is to live a life that is rooted and grounded in love for Spirit, themselves, others, animals, and the planet Earth.

So again, let's ask: "What is motivation?"

Motivation is the underlying reason or cause that prompts you to take action or remain still. 

Once you realize that your life is important, that you matter, that you have a purpose, that you are not here by some ill-fated, mathematical chance but that your spirit willingly came to this lifetime, for this incarnation, for this time and reason, I believe you will find your motivation changes for the better and you will live a life of empowerment, success, and ultimately happiness.

So let's start here. 

What is motivation? It is the force that will propel you to achieve your purpose and fulfill your destiny while on your life's journey.

No matter where you are spiritually, physically, emotionally, or financially it is never too late to course correct and get back on track with Spirit. You are on a journey and you are not alone. It's time to embrace all that Spirit has for you in this lifetime and find your motivation again.

I hope you are excited about your future. You should be.