Friday, January 27, 2023

How To Discover Your Motivation With Meditation (Video)

Here is a Meditation track for those who wish to discover their motivation. If you are following my blog posts on Motivation, Purpose, and Success, then you understand how important meditation is for checking with our inner being and examining our desires.

Our motivation is the result of what our heart's desire is and sometimes, our desires may be focused on the wrong thing.  Through meditation, self-discipline, and by using our willpower we can redirect our desires so they are in alignment with Spirit, our higher selves, and for the good of all. 

With this eight-minute meditation track, you may begin your journey inward to find your motivation and connect with your heart's desire.

 As with any meditation, the intention is key. Set your intention for your meditation work before you begin. This may be a simple statement that you make to yourself, or it could be a prayer that you make to the God of your own understanding.

Before you begin, set your intention that this meditation will connect you with Spirit and your inner being, examine your heart's desire, and align your motivations for the highest will of all according to love. 

 Ask Spirit, your Spirit Guides, your Higher Self, or the God of your own understanding to release the things in you that are not aligned with love, light, and the highest good of all and transmute them into the white light of Spirit that permeates your being, and floods your heart, mind, and desires.

To begin, simply find a comfortable place and close your eyes. Play the video that is operating at 555 Hz and take a deep inhale for a count of four, hold for a count of four, and slowly exhale for a count of six. 

As you fill up your lungs, visualize that you are breathing in life-giving, healing energy from Spirit. Let that energy permeate every cell of your being and visualize it restoring you, strengthening you, refreshing and renewing your very core being.

If you are familiar with chakra work, visualize your inhale breath connecting Spirit to your Crown Chakra and then pulling that energy through the top of your head down into each of your seven energy centers (chakras) where it spins, cleans, restores, expands, washes, purifies, and energizes your spirit, mind, and body.

As you perform the slow exhale to a count of six, visualize everything that is toxic, negative, and unhealthy leaving your body. You may find yourself bringing things to your mind such as past hurts, traumas, painful memories, etc. That's okay. Don't linger on these, just let them go and release them to Spirit. 

If you are adding chakras to your visualization and meditation, on the exhale, visualize yourself pushing the white light of Spirit from your inhale, out into your aura where it is removing the dark, toxic energy and transmuting it into the white light.

Feel free to adjust your meditation any way you like and you may find that on some days, Spirit guides you to stay with a painful memory to work through it. On other days, you may just release it simply and freely.

Listen to the voice of Spirit as you will often be prompted to release healing, and forgiveness, and embrace love throughout your meditation session. 

You may also try visualizing various colors when you inhale and exhale. For instance, on your inhale, you may want to visualize Spirit's energy coming in as bright, white light, a sparkling universe, or a pink glittery pastel, that fills you up and permeates your being. You may begin to spontaneously visualize other colors or even see toxic energy as dark matter that the light consumes like an enveloping light, a magnet, a fountain that sprays, etc., your mind will individually come up with the imagery for your meditation, and that imagery may change on a day-to-day basis.

How you meditate is very individual and your mind will naturally fall into its own rhythm and present visualizations and images that are tailored specifically to you. Just go with it. Just remember that the focus of this meditation is to get in touch with your inner being and become aware of your heart's desires, or to know what it is that motivates you. 

Keep your intention at the center of your meditation. Begin and end each session by focusing on your intention. If your motivation or desires are in the wrong place, such as focusing on things that aren't healthy and helpful to you, Spirit will bring it to your awareness and you will deal with those issues by bringing them into the light for purification and cleaning. Then release them and let Spirit fill you with love, healing, peace, and joy. 

When you are finished with your meditation, write down what you discovered. Did Spirit reveal to you past hurts, traumas, or areas of unforgiveness? What did you release? How did Spirit appear to you? Did you hear anything in your inner ear? Did you see anything in your third eye? Write it all down and keep a daily journal of all insights you've obtained.  

You may begin the meditation video below and stay here in the blog, or watch it on YouTube.


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